Central Plateau REAP settles on 2 percent pay rise

Posted By TEU on Sep 5, 2013 |

TEU members at the Central Plateau REAP have negotiated one of the highest pay rises in the tertiary education sector this year. The two year agreement includes annual pay increases of 2 percent.

Local organiser Lawrence O’Halloran says while the pay rises are still not large they do help and they are notable because they are higher than other larger tertiary institutions have been willing to offer their staff.

For union members the increases to pay and allowances are backdated to July; however, for non-union members they will not be available until October.

Union members at the REAP also negotiated improvements to their sick leave, medical reimbursements and travel costs.[hr]

Thanks to Keith Davenport at Flickr for the photo http://www.flickr.com/photos/sirwiseowl/229640916/

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