Thousands submit opposition to employment changes

Posted By TEU on Aug 1, 2013 |

CTU and affiliated unions, including TEU, delivered thousands of submissions last week from workers speaking out against the government’s proposed employment law changes.

 CTU President Helen Kelly says “we’ve been overwhelmed with submissions; people are against this law change and want the government to know. As a movement, we’ve received over 12,000 form submissions and hundreds of personalised submissions asking to speak to the Committee.”

TEU branches and members around the country participated sending in hundreds of written and electronic submissions.

TEU’s national submission said the bill, if passed, would mean an even greater imbalance between employers and employees, “creating conditions that will mean our most vulnerable employees will be even more exposed to exploitation and all employees will find it harder to achieve or maintain decent salaries and working conditions.”

TEU’s University of Auckland branch argued in its submission that removing the ‘duty to conclude’ would not only place unions at a serious disadvantage it would eviscerate collective bargaining as a fair and balanced system of workplace management. The branch argued that its members’ ability in 2010-11 to achieve a fair settlement and protect core conditions that the vice-chancellor wanted to remove was only possible because the vice-chancellor was required to negotiate and to settle. Removing the duty to conclude would have led to a very different outcome.

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