30 Whitireia staff get permanent jobs

Posted By TEU on Aug 29, 2013 | 1 comment

Whitireia Polytechnic has resolved what could have been a casual staffing debacle by providing permanent jobs to thirty fixed-term staff.

Local TEU member George Tongariro said confirming the thirty staff into permanent jobs gives people real confidence in their work and continued job security.

“The polytechnic did what it said it would in the time frame it gave us. As union members, this gives us confidence about our jobs and our employer.”

Following the level 1-2 funding cuts from the government last year Whitireia placed eighty staff on fixed-term agreements. Many of those agreements were for six months, despite some of the academic staff involved teaching 1-year courses.

However, TEU members and the organiser have worked closely with the polytechnic over the past months to ensure the polytechnic reviewed each of the eighty positions. The review means that 30 of the 80 staff now have permanent positions, and most of the rest now have much more certainty about their employment. They have clear criteria about why they are on a fixed-term contract, how long it will last and what will happen at the end of the appointment.

“With several fixed-term agreements due to finish in December people are feeling reassured that the polytechnic will treat them in a clear transparent and fair manner,” said George Tongariro.

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