Massey fails to woo Lincoln

Posted By TEU on May 30, 2013 |

When asked this weekend whether a merger between Lincoln and Massey universities is ‘the most obvious outcome’, Massey vice-chancellor Steve Maharey said the door is open.

During an interview on TVNZ’s Q+A show Steve Maharey said:

“Well, from our point of view, the door is open. But from the point of view of Lincoln, of course, they’re a very proud independent university with a long history. So they are wanting to make sure that they do everything they can to remain as they want to be, which is an independent university. But from our point of view, numerous people have approached us to say, ‘What would you do about this? Would you be open to it?’ And our answer is of course, ‘Yes, if it’s useful. But if it’s not, then we’ve got other things to do.’ So the proposition sits on the table and really depends on what Lincoln wants to do.”

However Lincoln’s assistant vice-chancellor Jeremy Baker quickly rejected Massey’s romantic proposal telling the Manawatu Standard a couple of days later that no merger discussions were taking place and there were positives in remaining independent from Massey.

“Having the two institutions gives students the option to choose where they wish to study, in an environment that suits their needs.”

Massey’s lothario reputation for having students in every port may have spooked Lincoln University, who, while professing to be happily single, has been spotted in the past searching for other lonely institutions with which it can share long beach walks and candlelit dinners.

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