Vice-chancellors rue PBRF score release

Posted By TEU on Apr 11, 2013 |

TEU’s PBRF commentator Paki Taunuhia says it is disappointing to reveal more than 85 percent of vice-chancellors received an R (research inactive) in today’s PBRF quality scores.

The Tertiary Education Commission releases its PBRF Quality Categories today. TEU has argued vigorously that institutions should not be releasing individual information, and that the information should only be shared in aggregated form.

With that principle in mind the union is only releasing the aggregated PBRF Quality Score information on university vice-chancellors.

“It is a shame to see,” Paki Taunuhia said, “that, as an aggregated group, vice-chancellors are underperforming against many other university staff in their efforts to bring competitive research funding into their institutions.”

“Obviously we are concerned that universities do not misuse this data and undertake restructuring, or downsizing of their vice-chancellors. We would urge universities to recognise that vice-chancellors are more than just their PBRF score, and do have other values and skills that they contribute to their institutions.”

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