NMIT members stop work to oppose bonuses

Posted By TEU on Mar 14, 2013 |

Tertiary Update Vol 16 No 7

Staff at the Nelson and Marlborough campuses of NMIT stopped work yesterday and voted by a large majority to take industrial action to oppose the employer’s proposals to pay them bonuses. In Nelson, a banner competition followed the stop work meeting. Union members walked out into the main green space of campus and shared lunch together, displaying banners, flags and slogans.

NMIT is again offering its staff two 0.5 percent bonuses. The first if it reaches a surplus three percent of its revenue. The second 0.5 percent one-off bonus is subject to NMIT having achieved its course completion and qualification completion targets for 2013.

Staff said at the stopwork meeting they wanted to be paid fairly for the work they do – teaching and research – rather than hoping for one off bonuses that were linked to things over which they have no control.

TEU organiser Phil Dodds says NMIT can afford pay rises. It ran a large surplus, 4.3 percent of revenue last year, and has just received a glowing educational review with the highest possible rating from the NZ Qualifications Authority.

The polytechnic and union representatives have agreed to resume negotiations on 4 April. Before then union members say they will send a clear message to the polytechnic that staff want increases on the rates rather than one-off bonuses. A small union action group will continue to plan further actions.

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