EIT faces further redundancies

Posted By TEU on Feb 28, 2013 |

Hawkes Bay Today reported last week that more jobs and student places will be cut from EIT this year, following a $2 million funding cut that resulted in 10 redundancies, 270 fewer student places and course closures last year.

The cuts are a response to the government’s decision late last year to take $38 million of Level 1 and 2 course funding from polytechnics and put it out to tender.

EIT CEO Chris Collins told Hawkes Bay Today that last year’s initial round of redundancies and course restrictions was just the first step in what would be a financially challenging year for the institution.

“There are some hard times ahead in this year, and some hard decisions are going to have to be made and that are going to impact on the programmes we offer and the staff that we have,” he said.

“One of the concerns for us is that Hawke’s Bay fared very poorly overall. Financially we are still stable. It is strong and sound when you look at the balance sheet and that’s because there has been a long history of good financial management but the issue is for this year that we will be spending a lot more money than we will be receiving and as everyone knows, whether as an individual or an organisation, if you keep doing that you go broke.”

Last year TEU campaigned vigorously against the Level 1-2 funding cuts, arguing that they were particularly devastating for regional communities like the Hawkes Bay.

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