Massey leads universities with pay equity review

Posted By TEU on Dec 13, 2012 |

Massey University has been highlighted in the Human Rights Commission’s 2012 New Zealand Census of Women’s Participation as the first university in New Zealand to undertake a pay equity review.

The Manawatu Standard reports that Massey has dramatically increased the number of women it employs in high-ranking academic roles and now has an advisory group dedicated to the task.

TEU’s national women’s vice-president-elect Cat Pausé was on the committee for the 2009 review, and told the Standard Massey had made strides since then, increasing the number of women in leading academic roles from 60 professors and associate professors in 2010 to 78 this year.

“I would say in the last few years Massey has made quite a lot of progress . . . a lot of places talk the talk, but they don’t walk the walk. You have to put processes in place and Massey has done that.”

Overall the report found New Zealand had “lost” its role as an international leader in progressing gender equality in terms of women’s representation at the top, across the public and private sectors.

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