Professional teaching fellows win a new collective agreement

Posted By TEU on Oct 18, 2012 |

Professional Teaching Fellows at the University of Auckland can now belong to the Academic Staff Collective Agreement at the university.  Until now professional teaching fellows (PTFs) have all been on individual agreements. TEU’s negotiation team says the right to belong to the collective agreement means those PTFs now have clauses outlining rights around parental leave, redundancy, disciplinary principles, health and safety, promotion, professional development, workload and many other employment conditions.

TEU members successfully negotiated the new collective agreement last month and academic members at the university voted to ratify it last week.

TEU branch co-president Paul Taillon said the branch had attempted to negotiate an agreement last year alongside the academic staff collective agreement but made little progress. The union and the employer agreed then to set aside the PTF negotiations to focus on the main collective agreement.

“Returning to the PTF negotiations earlier this year, we made significant progress, so much so that our team felt the settlement it had negotiated was good enough to recommend not only ratification but also inclusion as an additional schedule in the collective agreement.”

“This outcome stands as a real achievement and a moment of success which deserves recognition.”

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