Employment outcome measures two years away

Posted By TEU on Jun 28, 2012 |

In its annual financial review to parliament’s Education and Science Committee, the Tertiary Education Commission reports that it is moving towards measuring the relationship between tertiary education qualifications and subsequent income.

The commission writes it is currently developing measurements with Statistics New Zealand, and will be implementing them over the next two years.

“It will be possible to analyse information in terms of the priority groups identified in the Tertiary Education Strategy (Māori, Pacific, second-chance learners, those with English language needs, and learners with no formal qualifications). This work is being undertaken in order to provide students with better information about possible career paths” the commission said.

The select committee raised a concern that information presented in this way might tend to undervalue the worth of some traditionally low-paid jobs, particularly in the caring professions. The commission however said that it seeks to help provide ‘a smorgasbord of information’ so that students can make an informed choice.

The commission also told parliament that in the current economic climate it is likely that demand for places in tertiary education will increase without any matching increase in Government funding. The commission is following a policy of incrementally redirecting funding to the better-performing institutions, so that over time poorer-performing institutions will either improve or form a smaller part of the sector.

The commission said it no longer administers separate equity funding; it now expects each institution to meet the needs of all the students on its roll from its allocated funding.

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