Antagonistic minister inflamed protestors

Posted By TEU on Jun 5, 2012 |

The University of Auckland Branch of the Tertiary Education Union condemns the action of police, which involved excessive use of force when faced with peaceful student protest and the use of tactics known to incite rioting. Police arrested 43 students after the minister of finance Bill English told them ‘they need some Greeks to show them how to do it’.

“We are offended by the dismissive and antagonistic language of the Minister,” said TEU branch president Paul Taillon.

On Friday afternoon several hundred students gathered in protest against the recent budget and comments from the Minister of Finance that followed their previous protest. The event involved police dividing the protestors into two groups and ‘kettling’ one group, from which 43 were arrested.

“We support the cause of the students in fighting for quality higher education that is widely available and designed for the public good,” said Taillon. “And we insist upon the right to peaceful protest when democratic values are under threat.”

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