TEU advises on release of PBRF scores

Posted By TEU on May 31, 2012 |

TEU has just released advice for members who are required to sign institutional protocols for the release of individual PBRF Quality Category information.

The Tertiary Education Commission’s guidelines for PBRF’s 2012 Quality Evaluation do not specify what level of management should have access to information about individual PBRF Quality Categories.

TEU’s deputy secretary Nanette Cormack says that academics who refuse to agree to the release of their information to the specified positions in their institution’s protocols could be construed as refusing a lawful instruction from an employer, which may lead to disciplinary action.

Instead, Ms Cormack says, if members wish to make a statement when they sign-off their acceptance of their institution’s protocols on the release of scores, TEU advises the following statement:

“I support TEU’s policy that states individual information relating to Quality Category scores should only be released to institutions in an aggregated form.  TEU believes that such an approach provides the best protection for individual employees against misuse of this information in ways that may adversely affect their employment or career.”

Ms Cormack says this generic statement protects union members from any ramifications from refusing to sign the protocol, but also allows them– if they wish – to actively support the union’s position on the release of individual PBRF scores.

Read the full details of TEU’s advice here.

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