MIT nixes fundraising BBQ

Posted By TEU on May 17, 2012 |

TEU members at Manukau Institute of Technology had intended to hold a lunchtime barbecue for Wiri’s locked-out AFFCO workers tomorrow. Members who brought food to donate to the locked out workers and their families would have received a sausage sizzle in return. However, MIT’s chief executive Dr Peter Brothers vetoed the idea telling the union members he did not think it was appropriate. He has not yet explained why he considers it inappropriate.

So instead, TEU members at MIT will use their lunchtime to travel to see the locked-out union members and their families to ‘shout’ them lunch directly.

The Talleys’-owned AFFCO meatworks company has locked out over 1000 of its workers after  bargaining with union members for only 10 hours. Most have been locked out now for nearly three months. The workers have been without pay since the lockout started and their union, MWU, estimates that 5000 children are affected by the lockout.

TEU organiser Chan Dixon says MIT’s TEU members are simply trying to support workers in their local community.

“The on-going lockout of AFFCO workers by Talleys is one of the most brutal attacks on working people. We just want to give the workers a chance to feed their families and protect their jobs,” said Ms Dixon.

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