Equal Employment Opportunities – TEU policy

Posted By TEU on May 10, 2012 |

Equal employment opportunities (EEO) means eliminating barriers in the workplace to ensure that all employees are considered for their choice of employment and have the opportunity to reach their potential in their workplace.

EEO and diversity policies and strategies include recruitment based on merit, fairness at work, flexible working options (such as family-friendly policies) and promotion based on ability.  These policies and strategies should encompass all aspects of employment including recruitment, remuneration and other rewards, career progression and employment conditions.  Integrating equity and diversity policies and strategies are key ingredients for organisational success.

The TEU is committed to promoting EEO and diversity policies and strategies within the tertiary education sector because we believe that implementing such strategies creates better workplaces, where employees are recognised for the diverse skills, perspectives and experiences they bring to their workplaces.  EEO and diversity strategies also contribute to better workplace decision-making and more effective work practices, because they encourage management and employees to consider a range of ideas, cultural perspectives and work styles.

Therefore the TEU will continue to promote effective EEO and diversity strategies within our tertiary education institutions, and where appropriate will work with institutions to assess the effectiveness of these.

The TEU further notes and actively supports the requirement for all tertiary education organisations to operate an EEO programme (as a good employer, State Sector Amendment Act 1989 S77A), to publish it, to comply with it (SSA Act 1989 S77D) and to report on it externally through the annual report.

Within the union, the TEU will take a leadership role in demonstrating the importance of EEO and diversity strategies within the tertiary education sector.

As ratified by: council 16th March 2012

Review date: March 2014

* This policy should be read in conjunction with the TEU policy “Te Tiriti o Waitangi” November 2011

* The terms ‘equity’ and ‘diversity’ mean treating people fairly and with respect, ensuring equity of access to opportunities (equity) and understanding, appreciating and realising the benefits of individual differences (diversity).


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