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TEU analysis and coverage of Budget 2012

We will update this page over the next few days with TEU’s analysis and comment on Budget 2012, as well as links to coverage of tertiary education-related and employment-related Budget news.

TEU Commentary

Tertiary education’s sub-zero budget

Last week’s Budget delivered a slight decrease in funding for tertiary education, down from $4 billion last year to $3.9 billion this year. Treasury forecasts that funding will continue to remain below 2009 levels ($4.5 billion) through until at least 2016, while student numbers will continue to remain higher than 2009 levels. [Read more]

Government flies blind on workforce planning

Last May the government used the Budget to crack down on people collecting huge loans to become pilots.  It restricted loans for aviation students and capped provider fees at $40,000 per student. It also prevented people from using their student loans for solo flight hours.

By October last year the government scrapped all those changes. [Read more]

Further cuts to tertiary education – TEU media release

Despite record numbers of students in tertiary education this year the government has yet again cut funding. Since this government came to office, student numbers have grown by 5,000 but government tertiary education funding has fallen by $500 million. Today’s Budget has cut funding even further. [Read more]

CTU Report on Budget 2012 (pdf)

Budget 2012 preview

Thanks to nznationalparty @ Flickr for the photo http://www.flickr.com/photos/nznationalparty/4623241565Finance minister Bill English will unveil an austere ‘zero’ 2012 budget next week. The zero, budget (meaning there will be no overall increase in spending, even to account for inflation) is being preceded by several pre-budget announcements highlighting some areas that will see increased spending as well as preparing voters for some of the less popular cuts. [Read more]

Students protest ‘black’ budget

Students at the universities of Auckland and Victoria are planning to protest today’s budget and impending to cuts to student allowances. The student action group ‘We are the University’ at both universities are holding student association and TEU endorsed protests. [Read more]

No more money in budget, just shuffling and cuts

Thanks to nznationalparty at Flickr for the photo http://www.flickr.com/photos/nznationalparty/2408460153/in/set-72157600490030671/The prime minister, John Key, and the minister of tertiary education skills and employment, Steven Joyce, this week foreshadowed several tertiary education budget initiatives. Mr Joyce told Radio New Zealand that he would be shifting funding away from humanities and commerce towards maths, science, engineering and technology. [Read more]

Govt signals another austerity budget

The minister of finance, Bill English, announced this week that he will spend $800 million less in this year’s budget than the Prime Minister John Key was forecasting only six weeks ago. That could be ominous for tertiary education come next month’s budget warns TEU national president Dr Sandra Grey. [Read more]

Media coverage

Sandra Grey previewing the budget for education on Radio New Zealand’s Morning Report

News 25/5 – Budget, Budget and More Budget – ED Blog

A round up of coverage and comment from Budget Day from Education Directions. [Read more]

Radio NZ talks to Rod Carr

The vice-chancellor of Canterbury University, Rod Carr, says universities are barely better off at all as a result of the budget.

Other comments

Tertiary savings fund new investment – Tertiary Education Minister Steven Joyce

Budget 2012 rebalances the Government’s $4.3 billion investment in tertiary education between expenditure on student support and investment in tuition and research, says Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment Minister Steven Joyce.

Austerity-lite budget risks recession – CTU

Commenting on today’s Budget, CTU Economist Bill Rosenberg says  “today’s Budget may be ‘austerity-lite’ but it’s the same failed logic that is being rejected in Europe. With danger signals in Europe and falling agricultural export prices, the zero budget poses a real risk of sending us back into recession [Read more]

Budget confirms central role of universities for growth

 Universities New Zealand – Te Pōkai Tara acknowledges that, despite the difficult economic situation faced by the country, the government has recognised the important contribution that universities make to New Zealand’s future. [Read more]

Students’ fears confirmed in 2012 Budget – Auckland University Students Association 

Students’ fears were confirmed in the National Government’s 2012 Budget, announced today. [Read more]

An attack on part time students – Massey University Extramural Students’ Society

While the government may be increasing funding to tertiary education to cover an increase of student numbers, Budget 2012 is really an attack on students, particularly part time students.” [Read more]

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