Farewell Ray Fargher

Posted By TEU on Mar 22, 2012 |

TEU mourns the passing of Ray Fargher the first general secretary of the Association of Teachers in Technical Institutes (ATTI) this week.  ATTI was founded in 1960 and Mr Fargher was its general secretary during the 1960s. ATTI eventually merged with the Teacher Colleges Association in 1998 to create ASTE, and ASTE merged with AUS in 2009 to create TEU.

Mr Fargher was a history teacher and a researcher of early European interaction with Maori. He spent 60 years researching and writing a biography of Donald McLean, who was the Crown’s Maori land buyer in the 1840s and 50s. His book arising from that research work, The Best Man Who Ever Served the Crown? was published in 2007 and was one of theSunday Star Times’ books of the year for 2007. Ray is also remembered as the co-author of the Fargher-Probine report published in 1987 which looked at a comprehensive review of New Zealand’s qualifications. The report made recommendations for changes to the structure of New Zealand education which have been far reaching.

Ray died on Saturday aged 91.

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