More investment needed in Canterbury University

Posted By TEU on Sep 1, 2011 |

Fear of massive post-earthquake budget cuts at the University of Canterbury has TEU national president Sandra Grey calling for immediate national action.

“Christchurch is rife with rumours that the university plans to savage its budget. If that happens good people will lose their jobs and students who committed to stay in Canterbury will struggle to receive the high quality education they deserve,” said Dr Grey.

Dr Grey’s warning follows on-going lobbying by TEU at national and local level for greater investment in the university to rebuild. In particular, the union is concerned that the sector has not taken significant action to protect academics from cuts to PBRF funding because of the earthquakes’ undermining effect on research portfolios.

“The university had already been through a drastic cost cutting exercise before the earthquakes. There is no more ‘fat’ to cut from the budget. We have been warning all year that the government, the Tertiary Education Commission and the university needs to take a more proactive role to invest in the university, because it is not sustainable to suggest the university can survive by tightening its belt.”

“Staff and students who stay to help rebuild the university and the city deserve better than to be left to flounder by people that refuse to invest in them,” said Dr Grey.

Thanks to Ann (Helen) Devereux at Flickr for the photo
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