International support for general staff rights

Posted By TEU on Jul 28, 2011 |

The global education union Education International is investing €68,000 in an effort to prevent the growing use and exploitation of general staff who are employed on a casual, part-time and/or limited-term basis without continuing security of employment.

TEU National President Sandra Grey reports that the Education International (EI) World Congress meeting in South Africa has passed a resolution committing to addressing the distinct collective bargaining issues general staff around the world face, including a lack of respect and recognition, and poor pay and working conditions.

Dr Grey says that EI, to which TEU is an affiliate member, believes general staff should enjoy the same status, rights and conditions as other education employees with similar academic and technical qualifications and experience.

“General staff can best contribute to the health, education and safety of students when they are part of a single unified workforce that works directly for the education institutions.”

EI now intends to work directly with other global organisations, especially the ILO, to promote the conditions of work and the rights of general staff, including their right to organize and bargain collectively.

Meanwhile, general staff at Victoria University of Wellington celebrated a belated general staff day yesterday with TEU staff and members delivering cakes to general staff, and then TEU hosting a barbeque lunch and quiz. Over 130 TEU members attended the lunch, many taking the opportunity to discuss employment issues with their colleagues.

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