Cashing up annual leave

Posted By TEU on Jun 20, 2011 |

From 01 April 2011, all our members are able to ask their employer to pay out in cash up to one week of their annual leave entitlement a year unless the employer has established a policy that does not provide for this to happen.

It is the TEU’s view that annual leave is an important entitlement that allows for sufficient rest and relaxation for members and this should not be undermined by the ability to sell one of the four weeks of annual leave they are entitled to under statute.

This would also run counter to family friendly principles and in the event that members feel the need to seek recourse to this provision then the union needs to raise with the employer the adequacy of the pay rates.

Where members have accrued a large amount of annual leave this will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

Therefore Council recommends that:

The TEU encourages members to plan for and take their annual leave as they become entitled to it. The TEU opposes the cashing up of annual leave as provided for in statute.

Approved 03 June 2011



Review date 03 June 2013

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