Too many mothers suffer workplace stress

Posted By TEU on Apr 7, 2011 |

Nearly three-quarters of working mothers suffer guilt, with many citing the stress of managing a family and a career, according to a survey by Clarity Coaching.

The survey of working mothers showed 71 percent of the 201 who took part experienced some level of guilt. Of those surveyed, 91 percent cited stress from balancing a family and a career, with 20 percent of these women citing extreme levels of stress.

Clarity Coaching life coach Gabriele Wehler said there is a lot of depression and withdrawal out there.

“Stress and guilt is affecting women’s’ relationship with their children, making them grumpy and short. It is also affecting women’s belief in themselves.”

Wehler says many part-time workers feel even more under pressure.

“Their fellow workers think ‘you are lucky, you are already going home’, but they work more in a shorter time. People who work part-time are under far more pressure.”

Ms Wehler says workplaces need to give far more attention to having flexible workplaces.

“A lot of people would like to be working 3 or 4 days a week or have more flexibility around school hours. We need to work out what is realistic and how we can make work empowering for individuals.”

“People are aware that occupational health and safety is an issue, but most people focus on safety, rather than health, and when they focus on health, it is physical health. However, I believe that mental health is important,” said Wehler.

“Organisations have to put some money aside for training, and development – I think it is important that have training and knowledge about yourself, as well as about technical job skills. It makes a person so much more productive and efficient.”

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