Auckland only 144 places behind Harvard

Posted By TEU on Mar 17, 2011 |

Auckland University’s website already heralds its ranking of 145 in the Times Higher Education (THE) Supplement list of the world’s top 200 universities

The list published this week by the THE, is the first of its kind looking solely at the reputations of institutions for teaching and research. Harvard comes top closely followed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) beating both Oxford and Cambridge universities.

The US dominates with seven universities in the top ten and a massive 45 in the total rankings. Taking 12 of the places in the top 100, the UK is second to the US.

THE included a significant focus on reputation in this list, thus ensuring that British and American universities remained well ahead less well known universities from other parts of the world.

The University of Auckland is the only New Zealand university to be ranked 145 in the world and 6 out of eight in Oceania. Academics at the University of Auckland are a concerned that reputation is at risk from a managerial attempt to remove long standing academic professional working conditions from their employment agreement.

Phil Baty, editor of the rankings list, said: “In an ever more competitive global market for students, academics and university administrators a university’s reputation for academic excellence is crucial.”

However, TEU president Sandra Grey said the ranking exercises such as this are the higher education equivalent of American Idol.

“They say nothing about the real teaching and research that is going on in individual departments and schools. Markets and sales people might get excitable about these sorts of lists but students and staff are not going to learn anything from these lists except where most of the old boys in the old ’boys’ network studied.”

Thanks to First Daffodils @ Flickr for the photo
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