International students caught in PTE “hit and run”?

Posted By TEU on Feb 18, 2011 |

“Hit and run” private training establishments (PTEs) are threatening to ruin the success of New Zealand’s export education industry, said Labour MP, Raymond Huo to the New Zealand Herald.

His comments follow an article in Indian Newslink by Feroz Ali, the Chief Executive of the New Zealand Career College, who accused some private tertiary enterprises (PTEs) of “exploiting students”.

“ome PTEs and unscrupulous people exploit international students for their personal gains. The converse may also be true but in a majority of cases, students become victims.”

Mr Ali argued that some PTEs are ignoring NZQA approved entry criteria for many qualifications to lure students into their school.

Raymond Huo, says bad experiences at language schools are making many international students look elsewhere to continue their education.

As a result, New Zealand is gaining a reputation overseas for providing “ghetto education”, he says.

Mr Huo will be introducing a member’s bill to parliament, which would require PTEs to belong to an organisation with high professional and ethical standards.

Education Directions chief executive Dave Guerin though has suggested that rather than passing a new law the sector simply needs NZQA and Immigration NZ to take a tougher line on the “shady operations” that are currently ignoring regulations. Mr Guerin notes that all courses must already be approved unless exempted by NZQA, and those exemptions are limited to a very few situations.

Meanwhile TEU has published a column warning international students to be on the lookout for unscrupulous tertiary education institutions.

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