Teachers Council says only registered teachers to supervise students

Posted By TEU on Oct 7, 2010 |

Tertiary Update Vol 13 No 38

The New Zealand Teachers Council today released new approval, review and monitoring processes and requirements for initial teacher education programmes. These will apply to all teacher education providers in New Zealand – universities, wānanga, polytechnics, institutes of technology and private training establishments.

Among the council’s recommendations is a requirement that anyone supervising a student teacher in a formal school setting must themselves be a registered teacher.

TEU national president, Dr Tom Ryan welcomed the new processes, saying it is good to see that the council listened to the views of actual teacher educators during the review process.

Dr Ryan says that in recent years TEU has had concerns that some academic staff in schools of education who do not have formal teaching qualifications have been pressured into supervising student teachers on their placements.

“Teaching is an applied professional qualification where practice is just as important as research. We would not expect academics who lack nursing qualification to be supervising student nurses in hospitals. Likewise, it is only reasonable that student teachers doing practicums with children should be supervised by registered teachers”

In the recent past some institutions have defended their practice of requiring teacher educators without a practising certificate to supervise students with the claim that it falls within the ambit of their [the institutions’] exercise of academic freedom.

However, Dr Ryan rejects this claim, saying that according to international understanding, academics should claim academic freedom only in areas where they have professional expertise. That is, it is those teacher educators with a practicing certificate who have the rights and responsibilities of academic freedom, rather than their employing institutions.

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