Earthquake hit institutions rebuilding

Posted By TEU on Sep 9, 2010 | 1 comment

Tertiary institutions in earthquake-damaged Christchurch remain closed until next week, as they try to assess the damage and clean up the mess on their campuses.

The University of Canterbury’s vice-chancellor, Rod Carr, reports that the university is making good progress as it works through its earthquake recovery phase.

“Aftershocks overnight caused some additional minor damage, but have not slowed up the progress of the recovery plan.”

All staff and students not involved in assessment and clean-up of the university have been asked to remain off campus so that selected personnel can focus on the recovery efforts.

“There will be a managed approach to clean-up efforts which will be communicated to staff and students, following tomorrow’s decision concerning restarting university activities no sooner than Monday 13 September.”

CPIT chief executive Kay Giles advises that her institution’s buildings have been certified structurally safe and sound with engineering approval. CPIT is planning to reopen its campus on 13 September.

Lincoln University’s vice-chancellor, professor Roger Field, says that Lincoln sustained a large volume of damage, “But thankfully at this point it appears that most is able to be repaired. Sadly one exception to this is Memorial Hall which has sustained more damage.”

Meanwhile, the New Zealand Herald reports that at the University of Canterbury there have been major chemical spills, millions of books have been thrown from the shelves, and an acclaimed collection of Greek and Roman antiquities worth millions of dollars has been badly damaged.

Thanks to Ann (Helen) Devereux at Flickr for the photo
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