Commission set to release league table for rugby teams

Posted By TEU on Sep 16, 2010 |

Following the Tertiary Education Commission’s release of a league table ranking polytechnics, universities and wānanga according to how many students complete courses, graduate, remain in study and progress to higher study, comes news that it is looking at releasing a similar league table for rugby teams.

Tertiary Update’s sports correspondent Paki Taunuhia reports that the commission is looking to release a table that will rank rugby teams according to how well players complete games, how long they remain on the field, remain playing rugby and progress onto higher levels of rugby.

Unsurprisingly Scotland tops the commission’s league table as the best rugby team in the world. It focus on playing old, experienced players for the full 90 minutes, and helping them graduate on to higher paying jobs on the European circuit helps them top the league table.  South Africa’s experienced pack also performs well on the table.

Some sporting critics have suggested that the tables don’t actually measure what is important; whether the players are playing rugby well or not. But the commission is defending its table saying it is important to note that this information is just one of many sources of information available to rugby players and supporters as they make decisions about which rugby teams to support or play for.

TEU President Dr Tom Ryan (2nd five-eight) says the table shows that more information is not necessarily the same as better information.

“Rugby teams are more appropriately placed in league tables than tertiary institutions, but if you rank them according meaningless information you still get meaningless results, no matter how much information you put in.”

Thanks to Catching Magic @ Flickr for the photo
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