NZQA develops mātauranga Māori framework

Posted By TEU on May 7, 2010 |


NZQA is preparing to establish a specific quality assurance framework for mātauranga Māori. New Zealand is the first country in the world to establish an entire education field that formally recognises indigenous knowledge, but currently there are no formal measures in place, specific to mātauranga Māori, to support the quality assurance of mātauranga Māori courses and qualifications.  Some providers have expressed concern that the generic quality assurance framework used by NZQA does not adequately take account of the specific nature of mātauranga Māori.

Daryn Bean from NZQA met with TEU’s Te Toi Ahurangi last week to explain the proposed new framework, and to encourage stakeholders to contribute their views on the framework before submissions close next week.

One of the major differences between the NZQA’s existing quality assurance framework and its proposed new mātauranga Māori quality assurance framework is that the mātauranga Māori model will be opt-in for providers rather than compulsory.

The other significant difference will be that it introduces an early engagement process that aims to ensure NZQA gains an understanding of māramatanga reo, āhuatanga, and tikanga before it gazettes the criteria to apply for a Māori qual mark. Under the existing model, the criteria are gazetted right at the start of the process before NZQA engages with the applicants.

Courses or qualifications that obtain a Māori Qual Mark will be recognised as having systems and processes in place that will contribute to the achievement of quality outcomes.

Following public consultation, which ends on 14 May, the NZQA board expects to grant final approval to a mātauranga Māori quality assurance framework in June.

NZQA is currently seeking feedback on the proposal.

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