Lincoln and Telford plan merger

Posted By TEU on Mar 11, 2010 |

Lincoln University and Telford Rural Polytechnic are exploring a possible merger of their two institutions in the coming year.

The possible merger was announced to staff yesterday afternoon. TEU members and officials are scheduled to meet with Lincoln university management on Monday to discuss more details of the proposal.

It is likely that Telford would remain a stand alone entity, perhaps becoming a college within Lincoln University. However, it is likely that all corporate management would be based at the Lincoln campus in the future.

Thanks to Mollivan Jon at Flickr for the photo

The business plans for the merger are being managed by Deloittes, which has divided the merger into three areas: management and governance, corporate services, and academic. The issue of how to effectively merge a university with a polytechnic also is being given attention.

There has been no mention of redundancies at this stage, but it seems likely that the majority of any restructuring would occur at Telford, rather than Lincoln. The councils of the two institutions are likely to agree to the merger in May, with the merger taking effect on 1 January 2011.” Tertiary Update understands that the merger has the support of both the minister of tertiary education and the Tertiary Education Commission.

TEU national secretary Sharn Riggs said that TEU would be following the process closely and believed that staff representatives should be consulted throughout the merger process.

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