Guiding Principles of the TEU National Women's Committee

Posted By TEU on Jan 18, 2010 |

Drafted by Sandra Grey, February 2009

The aim is that all meetings will be

  • purposeful
  • effective
  • efficient
  • democratic

In order to advance these aims we will be guided by the following principles:


  • Open debate and discussion is actively encouraged at National Women’s Committee meetings
  • Committee members will have full access to necessary information and publications
  • Effective, ongoing communication between TEU members and the National Women’s Committee is a priority
  • Effective communication between the National Women’s Committee and TEU Council, as well as with national sector and branch committees is critical
  • Decisions of the National Women’s Committee will be made available to women members
  • Any documents will be treated as ‘living documents’ which will change with new knowledge and experience, participation, and changing circumstances


  • TEU National Women’s Committee members will participate fully in discussions and decision-making
  • To enable full participation, we will work on the sharing of tasks
  • Where possible, we will foster active participation of the women’s representative network members and women members in branches


  • To the TEU membership, particularly women
  • To the National Women’s Committee
  • To the TEU Council and other TEU committees
  • As Treaty of Waitangi partners
  • To the environment and society

Methods of working

Information sharing

In order to ensure purposefulness of meetings, we will use templates for all reports, agendas, and notes which make clear the aims, actions, and responsibilities for each item. Example:

Any policy issues will involve a feedback loop as follows:

-image to come-


These will be carried out by email following all meetings.

In order to evaluate our work members may find the following assessment process useful:

  • What was decided?
  • How was the decision reached?
  • How do you feel about the decision?
  • Will this decision suit everyone? If not, whom will it suit?
  • What could members do if they don’t like the decision?

If members of the NWC and its delegate network have any concerns after completing an assessment of a decision process, they could raise these in the first instance with the Women’s VP or the Women’s Committee.

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