Women's six week freebie accepted by employers

Posted By TEU on Nov 18, 2009 |

Today is the day when New Zealand women effectively begin working for free until the end of the year, says the TEU Women’s Officer, Suzanne McNabb.

“Women are paid at least 12% less than men (in average hourly earnings), and from today, 18 November, there is only 12 percent of the year left.”

“Luckily women working in tertiary education have agreed to continue working for the remainder of the year and we understand that offer has been gratefully accepted by chief executives and vice chancellors around the country.”

However pay equity campaigners today in central Wellington unveiled a giant invoice for $4 billion, the amount women in New Zealand are owed between now and December 31 to close the gender pay gap. The invoice is made out to the Minister of Women’s Affairs, the Minister of Labour and Business New Zealand. The Pay Equity Challenge Coalition said that payment could be made by making a public commitment to ending gender pay inequity – or in cash.

The Ministers, as well as Business New Zealand’s Phil O’Reilly and Prime Minister John Key were invited to come and accept the invoice, but declined.

“Government and business both know what the problem is, they have all the evidence. Now they need to create a strategy to close the gender pay gap.”

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