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TEU policy November 2009


On the 1st July 2007, the Library and Information Association of New Zealand (LIANZA) introduced a voluntary scheme for registration based on continual professional development for its members or members of affiliated professional organisations. ” (For more information on the scheme please refer to the LIANZA website

Current applicable policy

According to the AUS policy on Professional Development “the Association expects universities to establish appropriate opportunities to develop, obtain and maintain recognition for the competence in areas of professional responsibility. Such opportunities for staff should be provided both initially and at appropriate times in their career”.

Policy statement

The LIANZA professional registration scheme provides a framework for which ongoing professional development for librarians can be achieved and maintained.”  As such, TEU supports the LIANZA professional registration scheme as an example of”  a framework for which ongoing professional development for librarians can be achieved and maintained.

TEU support for the scheme is also provisional on the following conditions being met by the employer:

  1. Fairness and equity in the recruitment process must be maintained. ” TEU does not accept that the lack of LIANZA registration would be the sole reason for non-appointment of a qualified librarian to a qualified position.
  2. Where LIANZA registration is identified as a requirement of a position the employer must fully fund registration costs.
  3. TEU expects that a good employer will provide opportunities for training that should include those endorsed by LIANZA as suitable/required to maintain the skill levels expected for professional development and training in registration. ” These training opportunities should not be provided to the detriment of other staff training, including for library staff who are not eligible for professional registration or who do not wish to pursue a LIANZA registration.
  4. TEU expects that institution support for the library profession would also be reflected in the maintenance of appropriate career paths in their employment structures and not merely in supporting professional registration.
  5. TEU would oppose registration becoming a mandatory or ‘de facto’ mandatory registration scheme.

Passed by Annual Conference

November 2009

TEU Council will progressively review policies of AUS and ASTE following the amalgamation of the two union on 1st January 2009.”  Until that time, policies of the two unions remain current.

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