Manukau campus moves to a bus stop

Posted By TEU on Sep 10, 2009 |

Manukau City’s mayor, Len Brown has announced that the city council has approved a land deal to allow the creation of a tertiary campus for 25,000 students in Manukau city centre.

The land is located where the new Manukau rail line arrives in the city centre. The decision means that the new Manukau rail and bus station will be part of a tertiary campus building.

Manukau Institute of Technology will be the primary partner in the development of the tertiary campus. Other tertiary providers are also expected to work with MIT and offer courses from this campus.

Mr Brown says the deal is “a commitment to the educational future of our young people.”

“Our city is providing approximately three hectares of land to MIT and future tertiary providers on a 99 year peppercorn rental. We see the great aspirational benefits of having MIT and other tertiary providers within the Manukau City Centre. But there is also potential for economic gain that will occur from development in and around the campus and as a benefit of those coming out of the campus.”

Thanks to man's pic @ Flickr for the photo

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