TEC warns of possible teach-to-earn funding model

Posted By TEU on Aug 20, 2009 |

Tertiary Update Volume 12 Number 27

Using funding models similar to the PBRF could be just the first step in a range of new performance funding incentives according to the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC).

TEU national president, Dr Tom Ryan, and national secretary, Sharn Riggs, met with TEC chief executive Roy Sharp and some of his staff two weeks ago to discuss a range of issues including a TEU concern that some tertiary institutions were using PBRF data inappropriately as a management tool for staff.

The commission responded that while PBRF is outside its jurisdiction it is possible that other kinds of incentivised funding streams could become the norm when the new Tertiary Education Strategy is implemented.”  At present for example, funding to an institution occurs at the point of enrolment, but the commission suggested the government would like to look at other points in the process, such as at the completion of a course or qualifications.”  The government believes that, if managed well, this would change the incentives that drive institutions and thus education outcomes.

The commission noted that, if this were the case, the teaching element of a student’s enrolment would become part of the funding formula.”  Another funding point could be the amount of ‘stair-casing’ into higher-level programmers.”  The commission noted that the government was aware of the danger of creating perverse incentives as a result of such changes and said that the success of any change would rely on there being good quality assessment processes and an adequate level of funding.

The government’s new Tertiary Education Strategy will be available for consultation in September, including regional forums to discuss it, as well as written submissions.”  The final document will be available in December.

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