TEU members endorse university national bargaining again

Posted By TEU on Apr 23, 2009 |

Tertiary Update Volume 12 Number 12

With just a few votes yet to be counted, TEU members at the country’s eight universities have again endorsed a bargaining strategy that seeks a nationwide university collective employment agreement. If successful, the strategy would see twenty-one existing collective agreements across eight universities amalgamated into just two: one for academic staff and one for general staff.

About 90 percent of TEU members who are academic staff and 94 percent of general staff members around the country who voted, endorsed the national bargaining strategy.  Other unions representing different staff at various universities are also balloting their members on the strategy and although not all the votes have been counted yet, it seems likely that they also will endorse the strategy.

“As in the past, there is strong support for national bargaining,” said TEU deputy secretary Nanette Cormack, “because people see that it’s the best way to achieve our goals, and especially to get some consistency of working conditions and terms of employment across the sector. Members have professional and industrial connections that are wider than just their own university.”

Ms Cormack says that the next stage of the national bargaining process will be to develop a refined set of national claims that reflect the goals of the members.  This is already underway, with meetings taking place this week and next week to canvass members’ opinions on the most important issues they face.

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