TEU welcomes training for nine day fortnights

Posted By TEU on Mar 23, 2009 |


“It’s great to see the Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics of NZ (ITPNZ) offering free or low-cost training to people who opt into the government’s nine-day fortnight programme,” says Tertiary Education Union TEU national secretary Sharn Riggs.

The five ITPs supporting companies and workers who opt in to the nine-day fortnight, the Open Polytechnic, Aoraki Polytechnic, Otago Polytechnic, Eastern Institute of Technology and Wellington Institute of Technology are all offering free or low cost workforce development and skills training to workers who qualify for the nine day fortnight scheme to help businesses avoid making people redundant during the recession.

“There is a nationwide recognition that skills training and education is the sensible way out of the recession,” said Ms Riggs. “While tertiary education workers are mindful of the increased workloads they are facing as more students flock to the ITPs to retrain or upskill, they are keen to be involved in helping to keep fellow workers in jobs. It’s motivating to see ITPs finding creative ways to allow this to happen.”

“Training is the missing piece of the government’s nine day fortnight puzzle and so it is a reassuring to know that workers will now have the chance on their tenth day to take up high quality, publically provided education from reputable institutes of technology and polytechnics.”

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