Massey leads pay and employment equity way for universities

Posted By TEU on Mar 11, 2009 |

Massey University’s announcement that it will undertake a pay and employment equity review of its employment practices is exciting news for all university staff, says Tertiary Education Union women’s vice-president, Dr Sandra Grey.

Massey will be the first New Zealand university to comprehensively analyse its pay and employment practices using a gender analysis programme, and then develop an action plan to redress any inequities the review identifies.

“There has been some concern following the government’s decision to cancel two pay and employment investigations in other areas of the state sector,” observed Dr Grey. “However, within the tertiary-education sector, the pay and employment equity reviews process is progressing well. Tertiary education has a female-dominated workforce and the reviews in the polytechnics are showing revealing information about how the jobs of women are sometimes valued differently from those of men. More importantly many tertiary education institutions are now committed to addressing the inequalities that pay and employment equity reviews are uncovering,” continued Dr Grey.

“There’s a very real chance, now New Zealand’s largest university has taken the first step, that other universities will join the rest of the tertiary-education sector in committing to addressing inequitable pay and employment of women,” Dr Grey concluded.

TEU members in institutes of technology, polytechnics, and wānanga are currently participating in pay and employment reviews in more than fifteen institutions.

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