Massey VC calls to keep jobs as his own staff face possible redundancy

Posted By TEU on Feb 5, 2009 |

Just as a review of Massey Wellington campus support staff has concluded with at least fourteen staff being given individual notice that unless they are successful in obtaining a position via redeployment they will be redundant in May the university’s vice chancellor, Steve Maharey has given a speech challenging the government to keep people in jobs.

The fourteen Massey staff affected are all TEU members, but the union understands that there may be other non-union staff who have also received notice.

The announcement came at the same time as a speech Massey University’s vice chancellor, Steve Maharey gave yesterday, also on the Wellington campus, where he stated in relation to the recession that keeping people in jobs is probably the best social policy available:

“Investing heavily in educational infrastructure, for example, will keep people in jobs and improve our education system. Keeping people in jobs is probably the best social policy available.”

New positions have also been created as part of the review, and affected staff will have the chance to seek redeployment to these positions. Massey however intends to advertise all the new positions and affected staff seeking redeployment will be required to compete with any other applicants for these positions.

TEU national secretary, Sharn Riggs, says that the vice chancellor should heed his own words and make sure that Massey’s process gives weight during its redeployment process to those workers’ experience, institutional knowledge and proven commitment to the university.

“Our members who have been given notice have demonstrated loyalty, commitment and service to the university and are confident that if they are redeployed, they can perform effectively in the new positions created. They and the TEU also question why they should have to apply for jobs which are essentially their own.”


thanks to Ewan McIntosh for the photo

thanks to Ewan McIntosh for the photo

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