Tertiary-education PaEE review progresses slowly

Posted By TEU on Dec 11, 2008 |

Tertiary Update Volume 11, Number 45

The sub-sector group which as been monitoring the Pay and Employment Equity Review in institutes of technology and polytechnics (ITPs) has found the review is struggling to do its job adequately. In May 2004, the government launched the Pay and Employment Equity Plan of Action to ensure that remuneration levels are free of gender bias and to remove barriers to employment equity for women in the sectors that the plan covers.

Part of that plan of action includes sectoral reviews to identify the barriers to employment equity. All 39 public-service departments, the 21 district health boards, and the public-school sector have finished or will shortly finish their sectoral reviews this year. All those reviews have found that women earn less than men, with pay gaps ranging from 3 to 25 percent. They have also found a lack of career pathways, unequal participation, and inappropriate behaviour, including tolerance of bullying and undervaluing women’s contributions.

The second round of reviews also began recently in the tertiary-education sector and kindergartens. AUS and the Association of Staff in Tertiary Education have been contributing support and advice to the tertiary-education review. At the moment, some ITPs are participating in the review but no universities. In addition, there are eight ITPs newly committed to undertaking a review in 2009, and some wānanga and universities are now considering doing so too.

The problem the review has uncovered is that, while the surveys and information from the participating institutions is useful, the analysis tool the review committee is using is struggling to classify and compare jobs to enable it to measure whether they are paid equitably.

To address this problem, the ITP sub-sector group has brought in Robyn Bailey, senior lecturer in career development at AUT, to help provide coaching, technical support, and advice to institutions as they complete their pay and employment equity reviews. She and Tim O’Flaherty from the Department of Labour spent last week at UCOL and Waiāriki Institute of Technology overcoming issues those two institutions were having with their reviews.

The ITP sub-sector group met again last week and project managers at newly participating ITPs met for training yesterday. If the reviews are completed successfully, their findings will direct the next stage of the plan of action: developing a plan in response to the findings.

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