Love Humanities

Posted By TEU on Sep 16, 2016 |

Love Humanities is a TEU campaign to reclaim the mission of universities set out in the 1989 Education Act to develop a tertiary education system that:

  • provides for a diversity of teaching and research that fosters, throughout the system
  • contributes to the development of cultural and intellectual life in New Zealand
  • strengthens New Zealand’s knowledge base and the attainment of social and environmental goals

On 22 February 2017 staff, students, community members and employers across the country will come together for a Day of Action to highlight the vital contribution the humanities, social sciences and arts makes to New Zealand society.

The day centres on a humanities teach-in at the University of Otago featuring featuring music, poetry, a guest lecture from the National President of the TEU, Sandra Grey, and a panel debate chaired by Nicola Gaston, author of Why Science is Sexist.

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Love Humanities Rally




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