TEU members work together collectively to safeguard and enhance our industrial, professional and educational goals. Below are some of the issues that we campaign on.

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Pay well. Pay fairly.

A fair pay system is one where you know why you are paid what you are and what you need to do to progress. TEU’s new pay model removes bias or arbitrary decisions by giving all general staff yearly steps through a pay scale that is specific to the job…


Love Humanities

World class universities like Otago need strong, diverse humanities departments to preserve their reputation, says TEU branch president Tree La Rooy. The university plans to cut up to 20 jobs in Anthropology and Archaeology, English and Linguistics, History, Languages and Cultures and Music. It is also considering a review of…

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TEU National Elections 2016

Documents: Nomination form Returning Officer’s Report, 13 October 2016 Returning officer Nanette Cormack declares the following candidates elected as they were valid nominations and were unopposed when nominations closed at 5pm on Thursday 6 October. Te Toi Ahurangi: Two Te Tumu Awhina Huhana Wātene Margaret Taurere One women’s representative Arihia…


Protecting specialist Māori jobs

Whitestreaming is replacing specialist Māori jobs and services with generalist ones. For instance, whitestreaming is replacing a specific Māori academic support officer who provides academic support and pastoral care to Māori students with a general support officer who helps all students. TEU research found whitestreaming is a widespread practice across tertiary…

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Te Kaupapa Whaioranga -The Blueprint

Te Kaupapa Whaioranga – the Blueprint for Tertiary Education is TEU’s line in the sand for a high quality democratic public tertiary education system that provides life-long learning opportunities to all New Zealanders. It calls for us to focus on the public good that tertiary education provides, to restore over a billion dollars of funding cut from the sector in recent years and to replace current managerialism and private corporate models with democratic, representative governance.


Casual and insecure work

New Zealand tertiary institutions are relying too heavily on casual and temporary labour for jobs that should be permanent. Contents The problem Your rights as a fixed-term employee Overseas campaigns The problem Large numbers of TEU members are on casual, rolling fixed term or insecure employment agreements, and many tertiary…

parental leave

Parental Leave

Parents, caregivers and their children should have the opportunity and the right to spend as much time together as possible during their first months and years together. Children need time to bond with those that care for them.”  Parental leave is a crucial working right but it’s also an important…


Reviews and restructuring

Most tertiary education institutions are constantly reviewing, restructuring or making changes to some aspect of the workplace that affects TEU members. Changes in government policy, funding and student enrolments are all factors that drive the proposed changes. Some changes members may agree with and support, others members will oppose TEU recognises that restructuring and reviews, even when…

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Mana at Work

Every person has the right to be treated with dignity and respect in the workplace. TEU is committed to upholding and protecting this right.Workplace bullying undermines dignity and respect, and can have a detrimental effect on the victim, colleagues, the workplace environment, the employer and indeed the perpetrator. Visit our…

Living Wage Aotearoa

The Living Wage

TEU is calling on tertiary education employers to back the Living Wage campaign, saying that too many employees working at tertiary institutions are on wages and salaries that make it hard to care for a family. TEU’s national president Sandra Grey says many tertiary education employees, are on salaries and wages…

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Worklife balance and flexible work

Balancing work fairly with other parts of our life is a goal for workers and unions across Aotearoa-New Zealand. Partly it is about workload but it also is about the type of work people do, our hours of work, leave entitlements, pay, workplace culture and individuals’ life, family and community…



Performance” Based” Research” Funding, or PBRF, is is described thus by the Tertiary Education Commission. “The primary” purpose of the” PBRF” is to ensure that excellent research in the tertiary education sector is encouraged and rewarded. This entails assessing the research performance of” TEOs” and then funding them on the…

pay equity challenge

Pay and employment equity

    In 2008, women earn 88% of the average hourly earnings of men. The jobs women do more likely to do are, on average, valued less than the jobs done predominantly by men and women are also less likely to be promoted. TEU is campaigning for all working women…

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