Tell us what tertiary education means to you

Over 2,000 people told the Select Committee scrutinising National’s new education law that tertiary education must stay public, local, and focused on learning, not profit.

But there’s a side of the story which hasn’t had a lot of air time: the impact of tertiary education on real people’s lives. Public tertiary education lets us develop skills, learn trades, and create knowledge which helps our families, communities and economy.

We know tertiary education makes such a huge difference in people’s lives. We want to bring out the real, personal stories that say so much more than any numbers or policy can.

Use the form below to share your story about how tertiary education has helped you, your whānau, or someone you know.

We’ll put everyone’s stories together in a People’s Submission – to share with politicians and remind them why public, local, tertiary education is so valuable.

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