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Help the people who help us learn

It’s dark times at Waikato but we have the solution. Tutira mai nga iwi!

  1. The University of Waikato plans to sell off its Pathways College to a multinational company. People working at Pathways help hundreds of school leavers get the foundation skills they need to go to university.
  2. The university wants to cut jobs from over 20 people at the Faculty of Education. These are people who help new teachers learn the skills they need to teach our young children.
  3. The university wants to cut the programme that teaches our new teachers.
  4. The university wants to cuts jobs for telephonists and engineering staff.

We know that the people of Hamilton and the Waikato do not want these cuts to their university. And we know our university has not yet heard from the community yet.

We need you to join us to show the council that these cuts are unnecessary, unwanted and unhelpful.


UoW Village Green, 1pm, Wednesday 8 June



Megan Morris

University of Waikato, TEU Office, Private Bag 3105, Hamilton 3240
K.B.15, University of Waikato, Gate 1 Knighton Rd, Hamilton 3216
07 838 4531


Annie Barker


Dov Bing

Political Science and Public Policy
07 838 4533

Contact details for the 2015-2015 Branch Committee University of Waikato

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