P.O. Box 6272, North Dunedin, 9059


579 Castle St, Dunedin 9016


Shaun Scott
03 479 5492

Kris Smith
03 479 5492 or 027 229 5570

P.O. Box 6272, North Dunedin, 9059
579 Castle St, Dunedin 9016

Branch administrator

Naomi Carvell
03 479-5493


Teresa La Rooy

Central Library
03 479 8803

Branch Committee

Contact details for the Branch Committee

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  • Love humanities day of action

    Tertiary Update Vol 19 No 41 On 22 February 2017, the Tertiary Education Union will hold a national day of action highlighting the benefits of teaching and learning humanities, arts, social ...

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  • New Waikato cuts add to tough times for humanities

    The University of Waikato will join Victoria and Otago universities in their attempts to cut jobs from people working in humanities and languages. Waikato announced a change proposal this week that ...

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  • Otago University settles on flat rates

    People who work at the University of Otago are voting for two pay rises of $850 and $1000 over the next two years in a ratification ballot opening this Friday. The ...

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  • 2000 tell Otago to #LoveHumanities

    Tertiary Update Vol 19 No 35 Over 300 people rallied outside at the University of Otago on Tuesday  to tell its council it needs to show its love for humanities. The university ...

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  • #LoveHumanities rally at Otago

    TEU member Mark McGuire says Steven Joyce’s twitter feed does not have enough love for the humanities, but the University of Otago need not follow the minister’s lead. “The degree to ...

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