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Signed OUSA CA to Dec 2014

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  • Terrorism bill fraught with risk for academics

    US Military in Afghanistan

    Academics studying terrorism, or other topics that the SIS considers not to be in the national interest, could be among those who lose civil rights if an ‘anti-terrorism’ bill becomes ...

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  • Whale Oil’s dirty attack on Otago academic


    Tertiary Update Vol 17  No 33 The villain of Dirty Politics, Cameron Slater, used his post-election downtime last week to attack University of Otago nutrition scientist Lisa Te Morenga, calling her ...

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  • Teacher educators ‘dismayed’ at Otago cuts

    Otago Unviersity Clocktower

    The University of Otago is planning to cut almost a third of jobs at its college of education, according to the Otago Daily Times. Earlier this week the university college staff ...

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  • U35 group starts up at Otago University


    Younger workers at the University of Otago often don’t know what work rights they’re entitled to. That’s the message TEU’s new U35 group at the university received from those who ...

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  • TEU and Unions Otago Election Forums

    Thanks to Nationaal Archief at Flickr for the photo

    Jobs, Health and Tertiary Education Come along and hear what the local candidates have to say. Dunedin South Cargill Enterprises Hall, 199 Hillside Road Wednesday 20 August 7.30pm Dunedin North Barclay Theatre, Dunedin Museum Thursday 21 August 7.30pm Oamaru Early Settlers ...

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