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Shaun Scott
03 479 5492

Kris Smith
03 479 5492 or 027 229 5570

P.O. Box 6272, North Dunedin, 9059
579 Castle St, Dunedin 9016

Branch administrator

Naomi Carvell
03 479-5493


Teresa La Rooy

Central Library
03 479 8803

Branch Committee

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  • Coca Cola funding causes debate

    Thanks to J J at Flickr for the photo

    Dental health advocates and some media are criticising two Otago University academics for taking money from Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola South Pacific revealed it has spent just over $130,000 seeking advice from researchers ...

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  • Ag company funding influencing research results

    Thanks to Dan at Flickr for the photo -

    A University of Otago researcher has told the Otago Daily Times how she has buried research findings to keep her private funders happy. The Otago Daily Times reports that industry funding ...

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  • Admin review threatens general staff at Otago

    Otago University

    The Otago Daily Times reports that Otago University is considering wide-reaching general staff job cuts. The university has published documents claiming it is 19 percent ”more administratively resourced than the benchmark” ...

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  • Shooting and bomb threats create fear

    otago university

    Otago University, Otago Polytechnic, Victoria University of Wellington, Massey University and the police have all been quick to respond to anonymous gun and bomb threats issued this week. Otago University advised ...

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  • Staff and students reject job outcome reports


    Tertiary Update Vol 18 No 32 The government is under attack from students, institutions and TEU for its plan to make universities and polytechnics report on former students’ job and income ...

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