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Shaun Scott
03 479 5492

Branch administrator

Naomi Carvell
03 479-5493


Brett Nicholls

Media, Film and Communication
03 479 8819

Teresa La Rooy

Central Library
03 479 8803

Branch Committee

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Employment Agreements

General Staff
To view your tracked changed collective agreement, please click here General Staff CEA 1 July 2014 Tracked (2)

Academic Staff
To view your tracked changed collective agreement, please click here Academic CEA 1 July 2014 Tracked


Signed OUSA Collective Agreement to Dec 2014

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  • The Year of Conscience


    By Jack Heinemann on behalf of the “Year of Conscience” branches 2015 is the 100th anniversary of the introduction of gas warfare. Weaponised gas was both made possible and advocated ...

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  • Otago staff win pay on the rates


    It took time but University of Otago union members now have an agreement that includes a pay rise on their rates. Late last year the university would only offer its staff ...

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  • Otago cutbacks mooted to fund building

    Otago Unviersity Clocktower

    Otago University is considering making significant cuts in 2016 to fund its $600 million building programme according to the Otago Daily Times. The university’s chief financial officer Sharon van Turnhout told ...

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  • Terrorism bill fraught with risk for academics

    US Military in Afghanistan

    Academics studying terrorism, or other topics that the SIS considers not to be in the national interest, could be among those who lose civil rights if an ‘anti-terrorism’ bill becomes ...

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  • Otago debates one off lump sum

    Otago Unviersity Clocktower

    The University of Otago has not offered its staff a pay rise on their rates at collective agreement negotiations, opting instead to offer a one-off lump sum of $1000, which ...

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