Lincoln University


Jo McLean ( lead organiser )
Lincoln University, PO Box 185, Lincoln University, Canterbury 7647
Hilgendorf 126, Lincoln University, 7647
Tel 03 423 0877

Kris Smith ( Telford Campus )

P.O. Box 6272, North Dunedin, 9059

579 Castle St, Dunedin 9016

03 479 5492 or 027 229 5570


Sarah Walters
Tel 03 364 2987 extension 4150

Branch president

Shona Mardle

Branch Committee List

Lincoln University TEU Branch Committee list

Collective Agreements


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  • Telford celebrate takeover

    Taratahi Agricultural Training Centre has celebrated its takeover of Lincoln University’s Telford campus. Ministers provided the consents necessary to allow Taratahi’s acquisition of the Telford campus in July, with the transfer taking effect ...

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  • Telford transfer confirmed

    Ministers have confirmed the transfer of Lincoln University’s Telford campus to the Taratahi Agricultural Training Centre. Consents necessary to allow Taratahi’s acquisition of the Telford campus were given yesterday by Minister for Primary ...

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  • Long-term funding plan needed for Telford take-over

    Lincoln University has confirmed plans for Taratahi Agricultural Training Centre to take-over its Telford campus, subject to ministerial approval. Before signing-off on the agreement, the TEU called on Ministers to make sure a ...

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  • Ministers must commit to properly funding Telford takeover

    Before signing-off on an agreement for Taratahi Agricultural Training Centre to take-over the Telford division of Lincoln University, Ministers must make sure a properly funded long-term plan is put in place ...

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  • Lincoln to withdraw from Telford

    Tertiary Update Vol 20 No 1 Lincoln University has announced plans to withdraw from its Telford division, saying it may hand control of future training provision to Taratahi Agricultural Training Centre. The ...

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