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Cindy Doull
Lincoln University, PO Box 185, Lincoln University, Canterbury 7647
Hilgendorf 126, Lincoln University, 7647
Tel 03 423 0877[/accordion][accordion  title=”Branch president”]

Stuart Larsen
03 423 0958
Biotron BPRC

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Collective Agreements

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Democratic Council campaign

At the Lincoln branch we are concerned about the removal of the democratically elected positions on the council and what this will mean with regards to staff and student representation.


We believe that councils want to do the right thing. We believe that university and wānanga leaders want to do the right thing. We just need to show them publicly that they have the support they need to stand up against the intent of the government’s new law.

We will be asking alumni, staff, student and local communities to sign an petition, make submissions in response to the proposed changes and lobby our local councillors.

Please write a submission of response by April 22 ( remember to send a copy to the TEU office

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