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  • Lincoln breaches VC appointment process


    TEU’s Lincoln branch is aggrieved that the university’s preferred new vice-chancellor has been interviewing staff under the guise of a visiting academic. The branch committee understands that the university council’s preferred ...

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  • $15 billion student debt


    Student leaders from around New Zealand gathered at Victoria University last weekend to point out that total student debt will soon reach $15 billion. The students were wearing symbolic balls and ...

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  • Minister triples fees for new Waikato Council

    university of waikato

    Tertiary Update Vol 18 No 42 Waikato University’s new council will be able to claim more than three times the fees the current larger and more democratic council currently receives. A paper ...

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  • Large PTE buys workplace health and safety training

    The company that won the funding to train health and safety representatives at workplaces on the changes in the new law has been sold to one of New Zealand’s largest ...

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  • Lincoln struggles financially

    Cindy Doull

    The Tertiary Education Commission is keeping a close eye on Lincoln University as it struggles financially, reports Radio New Zealand. Radio New Zealand says Lincoln is reporting monthly to the Commission ...

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