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Nicki Wilford

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PO Box 11 767 Wellington 6142,
Level 8 Education House, 178 Willis St, Wellington 6011
Tel 04 801 5098
Email wellington@teu.ac.nz

Branch Presidents

Tony Dellabarca

04 9202 400

Kirsten Blyde

0800 935832 ext 677

Employment Agreement

Wellington Institute of Technology CA to 12 Feb 2016

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  • Earthquakes close many institutions

    Earthquakes in the northern parts of the South Island, followed by floods in some areas, meant many tertiary institutions spend part of this week closed. Christchurch’s institutions were largely unaffected with ...

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  • $1000 for Weltec’s TEU members

    People who work at Weltec are $1000 better off thanks to pay rises they negotiated in their new collective agreement. Everyone will get a $1000 pay rise (pro-rata for proportional staff) ...

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  • But it’s not a merger

    Thanks to Lexinatrix @ Flickr for the photo http://www.flickr.com/photos/lex/43631705/in/photostream/

    Whitireia and WelTec announced the appointment of a new management team this week, most of whom will span both polytechnics. “Four of the Directors will span both WelTec and Whitireia and ...

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  • Time to ask reason for polytechnic mergers

    Nobody is answering the question ‘are all these polytechnic mergers good for local students?’ says TEU’s Tumu Arataki, James Houkāmau. At present there are talks or merger processes underway between Weltec ...

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  • Weltec agreement anticipates new CE

    TEU members at Weltec voted to ratify a new collective agreement last week that gives them a 1.2 percent pay rise over 14 months, and no cuts to existing conditions. ...

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