Waiāriki Institute of Technology


Jane Adams

PO Box 52066, Symonds St, Auckland 1150
4 Western Springs Road, Morningside, Auckland 1021
Phone 09 815 8029

Branch Chairs

Philip Bright


Employment Agreement

Waiariki Institute of Technology CA 01 October 2013 to 30 Sept 2015 – web


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  • Time to ask reason for polytechnic mergers

    James Houkāmau

    Nobody is answering the question ‘are all these polytechnic mergers good for local students?’ says TEU’s Tumu Arataki, James Houkāmau. At present there are talks or merger processes underway between Weltec ...

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  • BoPP and Waiariki look at possible merger

    Thanks to Phillip Capper @ Flickr for the photo  https://www.flickr.com/photos/42033648@N00/2386424347

    Waiariki and Bay of Plenty polytechnics are ‘exploring options for further collaboration’ including a possible merger, chairs of the two institutions announced this week. Ian Turner, Chair of the Bay of ...

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  • Northern solidarity as negotiations imminent

    Stand Together

    Tertiary Update Vol 18 No 4 Staff at tertiary institutions in the top half of the North Island  are uniting today to support each other in their employment negotiations this year. Union ...

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  • Rising completion targets will cook the books

    TU banner

    Tertiary Update Vol 16 No 27 This year, nine institutions lost $1.8 million because they did not meet minimum-completion rates, and 35 are at risk of losing funding next year, according ...

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  • Massey works to end workplace bullying


    Tertiary Update Vol 16 No 8 Massey University is working to prevent workplace bullying and harassment. The project is a notable feature of the ongoing implementation of the recommendations from the Pay ...

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