Chan Dixon

PO Box 52066, Symonds Street, Auckland 1352
4 Western Springs Rd, Morningside, Auckland
Tel 09 815 8029 or 027 442 4809

NorthTec Branch Executive Members:

Co-President (Te Tumu Whakarae-ā-Manga) – Stephanie Morgan email

Co-President (Te Tumu Whakarae-ā-Manga) Bill Rogers 09 470 3925 or email

Women’s Rep (Te Kahurangi Maareikura) Maureen Frayling 09 470 3853 or email

Treasurer – Clinton Ashill 09 470 3776 or email

Programme Leader Rep – Simon Phelps 09 470 3905 or

Trade and Technology Innovation Rep – Steve Sandford-Hill 09 470 3612 or email

Rawene Rep – Bernadine Kiro 09 405 7684 or email

Kaitaia Rep – Stephen Rameka 09 408 6117 or email

Bay of Islands Rep – Clare Vallom 09 470 4175 or email

Creative Industries and Humanities Rep – Ripeka Walters 09 470 3874 or email

Kaikohe Rep – Vacant

Health and Environment Rep – Joanna Davison 09 470 3799 or email

Health and Environment Rep – Jenni Moore 09 470 3657 or email

Trades and Technology Rep – Taina Savage 09 470 3986 or email

TEU Health and Safety Rep – Stephanie Morgan 09 470 3725 or email


Employment Agreement

NorthTec CA to 13 Feb 2014 to 31 July 2015 – web

To view your signed terms of settlement, please click here Signed terms of settlement to July 2017.


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  • NorthTec allied staff want parity


    Over a hundred people are petitioning NorthTec to settle an allied staff collective agreement that is fair to all current and future staff regardless of which union they belong to. TEU is negotiating ...

  • Petition to settle an allied staff collective agreement at NorthTec


    TEU is in bargaining at the moment with NorthTec to secure a collective agreement for TEU allied staff. Currently NorthTec’s position is to ‘grandparent’ or protect the conditions of current members, ...

  • NorthTec members vote on new pay deal

    NorthTec stopwork meeting

    TEU members at NorthTec are voting on a new collective agreement that will increase their pay by $3000 each over the next two years. NorthTec currently pays among the lowest pay ...

  • Northtec campaigns for pay parity


    TEU members at Northtec have rejected a 0.75 percent pay rise and are launching a campaign for pay parity with staff at Waiariki Institute of Technology. The union’s bargaining team will ...

  • NorthTec teachers seek pay parity with Rotorua ITP


    NorthTec teaching staff start employment negotiations this week looking to catch up with other polytechnic teachers across the country. NorthTec pay rates have slipped well behind the rates of teachers at ...

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  • Tim Reply

    Northtech Kerikeri has some of the best tutors I have seen, they are poorly paid, northland needs to grow up and get the economy going, how can people survive and keep the community functioning? Money goes around to other parts of the area, helps everyone, educating people to raise the level of people is the biggest focus of Northland??

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