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  1. Hi. I think it would be great if links to each box were put in to take you to the relevant part of the site. e.g., clicking on council took you to the page listing current council members

  2. Hi, I can’t tell from this diagram or the “TEU People” page who exactly at the various offices are paid staff and who are representatives without remuneration from TEU. Any ideas where I can find this info? Thanks, Nicole

    1. Hi Nicole,
      The diagram above is of the member structures of our union. One position in this democratic structure is fully paid, that of the full-time National President; there are honorariums paid to our Vice Presidents; and some of our Branch Presidents have release time (that is their employer pays them their salary and they do union work during that time). We also have paid staff across the country, who come to meetings like conference and council, but do not have a vote when it comes to the decision-making so aren’t in the digram. The paid staff titles range from National Secretary, to National Industrial Officer, to Women’s Officer, to Branch organiser and branch administrator.
      Sandra (Vice President, Industrial and Professional)

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