TEU National Women’s Committee, Te Kahurangi Mareikura


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  • Mr Key, here’s one way to cut child poverty


    The government could take a huge step towards cutting child poverty by 10 percent, as called for by the Children’s Commissioner – with a single stroke of the pen, the ...

  • Suffrage Day call for equal pay


    Equal pay campaigners delivered white flowers to all women MPs on Suffrage Day this Monday. This year’s Suffrage Day marked 123 years since new Zealand women won the vote. This year, in ...

  • 10,000 call for equal pay


    An equal pay petition calling for the government to fully adopt the Joint Working Group’s recommendations on equal pay and signed by more than 10,000 people was handed to Member ...

  • Vetoed parental leave bill exits parliament

    Thanks to Peter at Flickr for the photo https://www.flickr.com/photos/nzphoto/526192763

    Last night, for a third time, parliament debated a bill to increase paid parental leave to 26 weeks, but all to no avail. Finance minister Bill English had already vetoed the ...

  • Fewer professorships for women

    Thanks to Judy van der Velden at Flickr for the photo https://www.flickr.com/photos/judy-van-der-velden/4468986943/

    New research shows A-rated PBRF men are three times more likely to be promoted to professors than A-rated PBRF women. Radio New Zealand revealed this week that even though men and ...


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