TEU National Women’s Committee, Te Kahurangi Mareikura


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  • Eight more weeks parental leave better for babies’ health

    Suzanne McNabb

    Extending paid parental leave from 18 weeks to 26 will be better for babies’ health which is better for us all in the long-term, socially and financially, says TEU women’s ...

  • Council appointments lack women


    The tertiary education minister is not appointing enough women to the governing boards of universities and polytechnics. The minister announced yesterday that 12 of 15 reappointments to tertiary education councils are ...

  • TEU Women Newsletter August 2015

    National Women’s Committee, Te Kahurangi Mareikura

    Welcome Welcome to the first newsletter of the National Women’s Committee, Te Kahurangi Māreikura for 2015. The purpose of these newsletters is to bring together issues important for women, highlight work we ...

  • Wānanga celebrates wāhine leaders

    wahine wananga

    A Wāhine Leadership day at Te Wānanga o Aotearoa’s Mangakotukutuku campus gave women at the wānanga a different perspective on leadership. Maraea Turketo, the wānanga’s branch president described her mum as ...

  • $4 gender pay gap growing faster than inflation


    The gap between the hourly pay rates of men and women grew by another 30 cents last year. The pay gap is now $4.20 and it grew 7 percent in the ...


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