Common abbreviations

Unions, like many other organisations frequently resort to abbreviations and acronyms to describe other organisations and activities. The list below is to help you find your way around these. If anything is unclear please ask.

AAU – New Zealand Academic Audit Unit
ACC – Accident Compensation Corporation
ACE – Adult and Community Education
AEU – Australian Education Union
ASM – Academic Staff Member
CA – Collective Agreement
CEA – Collective Employment Agreement
CEO – Chief Executive Officer
COPE – Council of Pacific Education
DL – Discretionary Leave
EBS – Education Benevolent Society
EEdO – Equal Education Opportunities
EEO – Equal Employment Opportunities
EFTS – Equivalent Full Time Student
EI – Education International
ERA – Employment Relations Act
EREL – Employment Relations Education Leave
GSF – Government Superannuation Fund
GSSG – General Staff Sector Group
HDA – Higher Duties Allowances
HR – Human Resources
IA – Individual Agreement
ITUC – International Trade Union Confederation
ILO – International Labour Organisation
IR – Industrial Relations
IT – Information Technology
ITO – Industry Training Organisation
ITP – Institute of Technology/Polytechnic
ITPSG – Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics Sector Group
ITPNZ – Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics of NZ
LWOP – Leave Without Pay
MECA – Multi-Employer Collective Agreement
MOE – Ministry of Education
MUCA – Multi-Union Collective Agreement
MUMECA – Multi-Union Multi-Employer Collective Agreement
NTEU – National Tertiary Education Union (Australia)
NWC – National Women’s Committee
NZARE – New Zealand Association for Research in Education
NZCER – New Zealand Council for Educational Research
NZCTU – New Zealand Council of Trade Unions
NZEI – New Zealand Educational Institute Te Riu Roa
NZQA – New Zealand Qualifications Authority
NZQF – New Zealand Qualifications Framework
NZUSA – New Zealand Union of Students’ Associations
NZVCC – New Zealand Vice Chancellors’ Committee (now called Universities New Zealand)
PBRF – Performance Based Research Fund
PD – Professional Development
PG – Personal Grievance
PPTA – Post Primary Teachers’ Association
PSA – Public Service Association
PTE – Private Training Establishment
QPEC – Quality Public Education Coalition
REAP – Rural Education Activities Programme
RPL – Recognition of Prior Learning
SRA – Special Responsibilities Allowance
SSC – State Services’ Commission
TAFE – Tertiary and Further Education (Australia)
TEC – Tertiary Education Commission
TIASA – Tertiary Institutes’ Allied Staff Association
TPK – Te Puni Kōkiri Ministry of Māori Affairs
TRCC – Teachers’ Refresher Course Committee
TTH – Timetabled Teaching Hour
USG – University Sector Group
VC – Vice Chancellor